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Watch Spy x Family Episode 4: School Interview Begins!

Watch Spy x Family Episode 4: School Interview Begins!

The nerve-wracking school interview is here!

Can Anya and the Forgers pass this smoothly?

Preview anime Spy x Family Episode 3

Family Outing!

This week's episode of the famous anime Spy x Family is about the forger family outing.

Yor was moving to Forger's family home after getting her marriage certificate with Loid.

Anya was ecstatic to have a new mama and she showed Yor around the house.

Loid decided to test Anya about the interview question but Anya's answer did not satisfy him.

So, in order to prepare for the interview, Loid brought Yor and Anya to an outing.

In order to create a perfect situation as an upper-class family, Loid brought his family to some places where people with high status often go.

First, he brought them to watch an opera, then they continue to admire some art in a museum.

Spy x Family Episode 3

They finished their outing by chilling out at a park outskirts of town.

Today is a nice day and it would be a perfect and normal family day out if there is no purse snatcher happening in front of them.

The Forgers witness a purse snatcher snatching an old lady in front of them and no petty crimes will happen in front of a Spy, assassin, and an esper without getting a payback.

They work together and finally with the help of Anya's mind-reading, they could catch the pickpocket.

The episode ends with Anya, Loid, and Yor relaxing together while drinking hot chocolate to ease the tension after a long day.

Spy x Family Episode 3

What a lovely family right!

Now, the bonding of this made up family becomes stronger and they are finally ready for facing the interview!

Can Anya pass the interview?

Let's find out the truth in the next episode of Spy x Family!

Spoiler Anime Spy x Family Episode 4

Interview for Prestigious School!

Episode 4 of Spy x Family will tell about Anya's interview for attending the Prestigious school, Eden Academy.

As told by Loid from the previous episode, getting through the Eden Academy interview is not easy.

Because not only the children who will be tested but the parents and their background also will be monitored seriously.

From the moment they step into this prestigious school until left the school ground, every staff from this school will judge their behavior seriously.

Those who are able to pass the test are only a few among the 'elites' children of elite parents. 

Only those who are considered the most elites among elites will be chosen to be part of Eden Academy.

And finally, it's time for Loid to show off his worth as a pro Spy.

There will be a lot of different traps to trick these parents.

Those who are not prepared or showed some odd expressions will be eliminated.

Will Loid able to pass the test and go to the interview room safely?

And what happened in the interview room that make Loid mad like that?

We'll see the truth soon!

Spy x Family Episode 4 Released Date

The newest episode of Spy x Family anime will be released every Sunday 01.00 JST.

For Indonesia, This famous anime will release on Saturday, at 10.00 P.M. simulcast, this means the anime in Indonesia will be released at the same time with Japanese released.

Where to watch Spy x Family Episode 4

There is a lot of channels that paid the original license to play this anime, so you guys will have a lot of options to watch this hit anime for free, such as Youtube or other OTT channels.

For those who wanted to watch on Youtube, you could go to Muse Asia Youtube Channel which owns the copyright license for Spy x Family.

This channel has different sub-channel so they own a lot of different subtitles that you can choose to your liking.

Some subtitle their owns are in Thai, Indonesia, Tagalog, India, and many more.

However, the anime in Muse has a time limit and for Spy x Family, it only showed on Saturday from 10.00 P.M. until Sunday at 01.00 A.M. 

But if you don't have time to watch the simulcast on Youtube, you can watch it on BStation at

Are you ready to follow Anya's journey?

Don't forget to follow for more information about Spy x Family and other hits anime and manga!

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