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Registration for the 16th Japan International Manga Award is Now Open!


Japan Internationall Manga Award

Prestigious Award for Mangaka in the world

The Japan International Manga Award is a prestigious award for you mangaka around the world. 

As you already know, manga has now become one of the most popular means of entertainment in the world.

Some time ago, the official website of this award announced that this award has been opened, Registration itself is open until July 8.

For those of you who want to register for this award, you can visit the official website below:

Manga creators can submit their works, both published and unpublished. they are free to register their works as long as they are not works that have won similar awards in previous years.

The work itself must consist of a minimum of 16 pages and must be created within the last 3 years. Please also note that participants of this award must be from outside Japan or Non-Japan.

The website describes the competition: 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs founded the International MANGA Award in 2007 for the purpose of expanding international exchange and mutual understanding through the MANGA culture which is widely accepted around the world.

This award honors MANGA artists who contribute to the development of MANGA culture in the world.

The previous award was at the time of the 15th award the presentation ceremony was held at the Tokyo Convention Hall.

15th Japan International Manga Award won by Aimee De Jongh, he managed to win a gold medal with his manga entitled Days of Sand.

 The previous award was held on March 4, for the next one it is planned to be held in February 2023.

 With this award, of course, the development of manga is growing rapidly all over the world. so for those of you who have good work, don't hesitate to register it

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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