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Naruto: What was Edo Tensei created for?

Naruto: What was Edo Tensei created for?

Edo Tensei is one of the most popular and very dangerous Jutsu in the Naruto universe, but what then became the reason for this Jutsu being created? 

In the shinobi world in the Naruto franchise, there are many Jutsu that Masashi Kishimoto has introduced in the story. 

The most obvious example is the Rasengan that Uzumaki Naruto often uses.

Apart from the Rasengan, there are also various other powerful Jutsu such as Kagebunshin, Chidori, various Rasengan technique developments, Kamui, and many others. 

However, of the many existing Jutsu, there is one Jutsu that has caught the attention of fans, namely Edo Tensei. 

What then makes this Jutsu interesting? 

And what is the reason Edo Tensei was created?

Konoha's Forbidden Move

Naruto: What was Edo Tensei created for?

Being one of the founding fathers of Konoha village in the Naruto franchise, Tobirama Senju rarely gets appreciation for how he built the village from scratch. 

Tobirama is better known as a shinobi and Kage who prioritizes village political stability and works hard to make Konoha the strongest country in the shinobi world.

Even so, one of the things that Tobirama also did was to create various powerful ninja techniques or Jutsu. 

In fact, Tobirama is known as one of the shinobi who is respected by many because he succeeded in creating various Jutsu. 

Edo Tensei is one of the powerful techniques that Tobirama managed to create. 

Then, what exactly is Edo Tensei?

Edo Tensei is a technique or Jutsu in which someone – with existing conditions – can resurrect people who have died. 

When a figure is resurrected with Edo Tensei, it is certain that he will become immortal and hard to die because his body is able to regenerate even though it has been destroyed. 

The only way to defeat those activated by the Edo Tensei way is to seal them.

Edo Tensei is included in the category of forbidden Jutsu. 

Because, this Jutsu is really terrible and can make the whole world destroyed and chaotic if it falls or is used by the wrong person. 

In addition, this technique is considered unethical and disrespectful to other living things. 

Because it is included in the category of forbidden Jutsu those who try to learn this technique or find out about the technique will feel the punishment.

In order to use the Edo Tensei technique, the user needs the body of a living being to be sacrificed. 

This then became the main reason why Tobirama then decided not to use this technique anymore and even labeled it as a forbidden technique. 

Even though he was the creator, Tobirama never managed to master this technique. 

In fact, he was only able to control a small number of undead.

The Reason Edo Tensei Was Created

Naruto: What was Edo Tensei created for?

What then became the reason Tobirama Senju created Edo Tensei? 

At first, Tobirama created Edo Tensei with the aim that Konoha would have an advantage when it comes to dealing with a large number of enemies. 

The strategy is to return the dead souls to then inhabit the prepared bodies.

After that, Tobirama will combine it with various other creations that are no less powerful, namely sticking explosive seals on his body. 

Tobirama deliberately used the bodies of the undead to minimize the number of victims from Konoha. 

That way, Tobirama and Konoha can have immortal troops because they don't have to worry about these corpses.

During the Tobirama era, he often used this technique to destroy his opponents. 

Even though it is never shown in the story, the dialogue that is presented shows that Edo Tensei is one of the strongest techniques used by Tobirama during the war era. 

One other proof that Tobirama uses the Edo Tensei technique very often is when Mu was resurrected with Edo Tensei.

He summoned the Third Raikage, Second Mizukage, and Fourth Kazekage. 

Mu said that he recognized the Jutsu as the Second Hokage's Jutsu, but he could not sense its presence. 

That is, Mu from the god of Iwagakure once fought against Tobirama's Edo Tensei forces. 

In Ginkaku and Kinkaku's conversation with Darui, both of them also claimed to have faced Tobirama's Edo Tensei troops. 

It's just that at that time Ginkaku and Kinkaku managed to win against the Edo Tensei troops, and finally managed to kill Tobirama.

Cause of the Shinobi World War

Naruto: What was Edo Tensei created for?

It is clear how powerful Edo Tensei is in the battle of shinobi. 

Besides that, we already know how powerful this Jutsu is and the threat it poses if it falls into the hands of the wrong person. 

Tobirama's worries were ultimately proven, as shown throughout the Naruto series. It is known that several people have used this technique.

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