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Jujutsu Kaisen 194 Spoiler: One on One Duel, Kamo Noritoshi vs Cursed Spirit Naoya



Will Noritoshi Die at the hands of Naoya's cursed spirit?

Maki was seriously injured after receiving an attack from Naoya that reached MACH 3 speed, even though in that state Maki was apparently still conscious.

Realizing that Maki has received a heavy blow, Noritoshi immediately arrives and intends to buy time so that Maki can leave the colony, Noritoshi argues that Maki should not die now.

Yes, since yesterday's chapter 193 most of you must have thought that in chapter 194 there would be a one-on-one battle between Noritoshi and Naoya.

Based on the spoilers that have been circulating, in the next chapter you will see the great power of Noritoshi where he is able to circulate blood outside his body.

With this he can freely use the blood in his body to fight, even so Naoya's strength is still far from Noritoshi's reach, for now Noritoshi only has to be able to hold Naoya for 5 minutes.

In the midst of a very unbalanced battle, Noritoshi still had time to analyze his opponent. from here we know that Naoya's cursed spirit has a very hard shell, the shell serves to protect his body when it reaches its highest speed.

If you think that Naoya will not pay attention to Noritoshi then you are not completely wrong, when Noritoshi confronts, Naoya immediately looks for Maki who is lying down and wants to attack her again.

But suddenly, Maki's presence can't be seen and can't be felt either, it reminds Naoya of Toji's figure.

Once he finds out that Maki is very difficult to track down, he can't help but have to face Noritoshi who is blocking him.

Kamo Noritoshi

In the middle of the chapter, there are several flashbacks showing Noritoshi's parents. Yes the flashback is not a good sign.

The appearance of the flashback was accompanied by Noritoshi's condition getting worse, he repeatedly had to receive a crushing attack from Naoya.

From here I started to think that it is possible that Noritoshi will die while procrastinating, but that may or may not happen.

So let's just wait and see what will happen, I'm sure the author of this manga will definitely provide the best storyline.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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