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Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260: The Deathly Battle

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260: The Deathly Battle

Another pairing is going to the battle!

Who are they?

The battle between Taiju Shiba vs Wakasa-Benkei has already been confirmed and fans could not wait to see the deathly battle between these former Black Dragon members.

Both Taiju and Wakasa-Benkei duo has their own fame in the delinquent world.

Wakasa-Benkei is a famous duo, two of the founding member of Black Dragon and along with Akashi Takeomi, those three are considered legends in Tokyo Deliquent world.

Wakasa Benkei

Benkei strength combined with Wakasa swift and agile moves made this duo hard to defeat.

On the other hand, Taiju Shiba is known as the strongest Black Dragon leader.

This Rule 10th leader of Black Dragon is famous for his power and brutality that made every delinquent shiver when hearing his name.

Taiju went away after his defeat in the Christmas night battle, but he appeared again in the this final arc to assist Takemichi and Toman 2nd Generation.

Taiju Shiba

The battle between the legend and Demon will be thrilling but the mangaka already provided another pair to join the fun.

Senju has regained her consciousness and she is ready to jump into the battle field.

With the appearance of Taiju and Senju, Mikey became furious.

There is a big chance that Mikey will send Hanma to face Senju.

But in chapter 259, Sanzu who was knocked by Taiju's bike looks moving his hand.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260

Maybe, Sanzu is not defeated yet.

For the second pair in the upcoming chapter, there is a big chance that one of the characters is Senju.

She will up against either her brother, Sanzu, or Hanma.

So, are you ready for the deathly battle between Toman and Kantou Manji?

Let's wait for the official release of Tokyo Revengers Manga on Wednesday!

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 260

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260 Release Date

The newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers will be released on Wednesday, 6 July 2022 on Weekly Shounen Jump Official Website.

The English translation for this new chapter will also be released on the same day but delayed a few hours.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 260

Sadly, there is no official translation website that has released the newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers.

But you can buy the official chapter of this manga on website.

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