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Jujutsu Kaisen 191: Culling Game New Participant



Maki Zen'in and Kamo Noritoshi Join The Battle

Ok, before discussing who the new participants are in the culling game, we'd better discuss the results of the epic battle between Kashimo and Hakari first.

As you already know, in chapter 189 Kashimo made a big attack by creating an explosion in the sea, under these conditions it seems difficult for Hakari to avoid it.

And yes, Hakari didn't dodge the attack and instead took it, at the expense of his left arm he made a binding vow that protected his entire body from the explosion.

Hakari vs Kashimo

In the end, Hakari survived the explosion, while Kashimo had fallen because all of his cursed energy had been used up. Not forgetting his original goal, then Hakari didn't kill Kashimo and asked for the points.

Despite winning, Hakari didn't feel that it was a victory because Kashimo didn't use his curse technique at all, and it was also known that Kashimo's curse technique was only one time use and he wanted to use it against Sukuna.

In the end Hakari made a pact with Kashimo, he promised that Kashimo could fight Sukuna and instead Kashimo would join Hakari's team.

Not long after, Nishimiya from Kyoto Jujutsu High School came to Hakari to ask about the points and clarify the plan to be carried out, besides that he also brought one more news, the news about Maki.

Maki Zen'in has become a monster, Nishimiya explained, the scene changes, showing Maki and Kamo fighting against the curses of the Sakurajima Colony.

They began to talk to each other, as people who were both expelled from their clans they both could talk without the slightest sense of awkwardness.

In addition to the joining of Nishimiya, Kamo, and Maki there is one more existence that joins the culling game, a curse in the form of a giant worm has entered a colony.

From the moment the curse appeared, I thought it was targeting Maki. The curse is very savage and even threatens to kill Kogane who is the admin assistant in the culling game.

Was it just an ordinary curse that just happened to pass by? Or maybe the curse is someone's manifestation? let's just look forward to the continuation of this manga series.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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