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Jujutsu Kaisen 190: Kinji Hakari's fighting ability


Kinji Hakari

Not Just Relying On Luck

In chapter 189 we are shown again that Hakari got the jackpot easily and managed to escape death. From here you might start to think that Hakari only relies on luck in fighting.

It's true, since the beginning of Hakari's fighting ability is not conspicuous, the only thing that stands out about Hakari is his curse technique which is very troublesome.

But is it true? Is it true that Hakari is actually weak and only relies on luck? Alright let's discuss it together.

Kinji Hakari, a third grader from Tokyo Jujutsu High School, is currently in suspension, this can happen because the higher-ups don't like shamans with modern techniques like Hakari.

Together with Kirara he founded a fighting club where people could bet on the fighters who were dueling in the ring.

Long story short Itadori et al were given advice by Yuta to ask Hakari for help, from here you might start to realize that Hakari is not a weak person.

Besides Yuta, there is one person from the special class who has recognized Hakari's abilities, namely Gojo Satoru. Even so, surely some of you still have other thoughts after seeing Hakari's fight against Kashimo.

Since the beginning of the fight, Hakari has never dealt a fatal attack to Kashimo, he can only make it difficult for Kashimo to attack himself.

As I discussed yesterday, Hakari is not the type of fighter who can finish the fight quickly using deadly attacks, he is a long-term fighter and has practically unlimited stamina.

In this fight Hakari looks weaker than Kashimo who can issue fatal and accurate attacks, therefore many of you think Hakari is actually weak and only relies on luck.

In the world of Jujutsu, a strong shaman is one who understands each other's curse techniques and makes them extremely deadly.

Here Kashimo has implemented this well, the proof is that Hakari can last a very long time against Kashimo who is a shaman who can end the fight with just one attack.

In the fight Kashimo continued to analyze the mechanics of Kashimo's electric technique while constantly cornering him, he also repeatedly escaped fatal attacks from Kashimo because of his analysis.

In the end he managed to find out Kashimo's weakness, from here you should be able to judge for yourself that Hakari is not a weak person, he is just a shaman with techniques that are useful for long-term battles.


Overall these two shamans in my opinion are balanced, they both can use their respective curse techniques and make it their most deadly weapon. In addition, their analytical skills are also very great.

I think in chapter 190, the battle between the two of them will end, as for the winner, I can't predict it because they are both cornered.

Paman Radon
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