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5 Best Isekai Anime Recommendations Summer 2022


Isekai Meikyuu

The 2022 summer anime began premiering in July. There are countless interesting names in Summer 2022 with various genres, and this particular time we will look at the best isekai genre anime that are worth watching.

Here are the 5 best isekai anime recommendations for summer 2022.:

1. Overlord Season 4


In the adaptation of the best-selling light novel of the same title, the Overlord IV anime will continue to present the audience with the exciting battle between Ainz Ooal Gown and his subordinates against external enemies.

With the impeccable anime quality of Madhouse, Overlord IV captivated audiences right from the first episode. According to the trailer, this part 4 will have action scenes that are very pleasing to the eye. For those of you who haven't watched the anime, watch it now!

2. Hataraku Maou Sama Season 2

Hataraku Maou Sama Season 2

Stopped by the heroine Emilia, the Demon Lord must give up his ambition to conquer the world and travel to Earth, Japan.

Here, having lost most of his powers, the Demon Lord had no choice but to pretend to be human and work at a fast food restaurant to earn a living.

After nearly 10 years of disappearance, the story of the Demon King Goes to Work is back again. Although the visuals have now changed due to the studio changes, the humor and fun of the original story is still very well done by Studio 3Hz.

3. Isekai Meikyuu De Harem Wo

Isekai Meikyuu

If you are a fan of isekai anime with ecchi and harem elements, this is the title for you. Isekai Meikyuu De Harem Wo leads us to follow in the footsteps of a male student named Michio. 

Tired of real life, Michio wanders the internet and accidentally stumbles upon a strange website. After a while, Michio reincarnated into a new world with a special ability… not good to say, if you're curious, see for yourself.'

NOTE: Isekai Meikyuu De Harem Wo contains quite a lot of ecchi episodes. Watch the anime if you are old enough and find a quiet place to watch it in private.

4. My Isekai Life

My Isekai Life

While working as an employee at a black company, Yuuji is suddenly summoned to another world as an animal trainer. 

Luckily, Yuuji got another job as a Sage through a horde of "cute" slimes. Combining his two jobs, Yuuji embarks on a journey that anyone who has watched isekai anime can predict – fighting bad guys and becoming stronger!

5. Isekai Ojisan

Isekai Ojisan

Takafumi has an uncle. His uncle for some reason was unconscious for many years. One day, uncle suddenly wakes up, telling Takafumi that he has crossed to another world while unconscious! Not only that, he can now use magic too!

Above are 5 interesting isekai anime that are worth watching in the summer of 2022.

Paman Radon
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