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Jujutsu Kaisen 188: Counterattack from Kashimo


Kinji Hakari

Will Kinji Hakari Die?

Finally revealed the real reason, why Hajime Kashimo always asked about Sukuna. However, before meeting Sukuna, he must defeat the enormous obstacle that is Hakari Kinji.

The question is, how did Hajime beat Hakari who got the Jackpot again? Was Hajime going to use his Domain this time?

Previously in chapter 187, it was told that Hakari had succeeded in activating his Domain Expansion again. 

Hajime Kashimo looked shocked and tried to understand the rules of the Domain. After understanding it, the fight resumed and Kashimo looked far superior in close combat.

Even though Hakari was continuously hit by attacks, she was able to recover instantly due to the Pseudo Rolls rule in her Domain. Not long after, Hakari again got the Jackpot which meant he was back invulnerable for 4 minutes 11 seconds.

Then the crazy thing happened, logically, normal people would try to beat Hakari after his immune time was up. However, Hajime was different, he thought otherwise who wanted to finish off Hakari in that 4 minutes 11 seconds of invulnerability.

The panel moved, this time showing a flashback of Hajime Kashimo. Here we see an old Hajime, with many corpses strewn about. He seemed to be a fighter who had never lost in his time, but time and age limited that.

Kashimo Hajime

Then Kenjaku appears and informs old Hajime that there is someone with the greatest curse energy output in history in the Date territory. Hajime simply replied that it was far and he himself had no time left.

Then Hajime asked Kenjaku “Who is the strongest magician you know?”. Kenjaku replied “Sukuna, but that was 600 years ago”. 

Hearing this, Hajime immediately accepted Kenjaku's offer, in order to be able to fight with Sukuna to fulfill his battle thirst.

Most likely something surprising will happen in chapter 188 considering that Kashimo is determined to defeat Hakari even though he is in immune mode.

Kashimo is an experienced shaman who has gone through many battles in the past, he must have plans to take on a troublesome fighter like Hakari.

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