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Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Shaman from the Past, Kashimo Hajime


Kashimo Hajime

Can a Modern Shaman Beat Him?

Kashimo Hajime, he is one of the participants of the Culling Game which is in Tokyo Colony no.2, besides that he is also one of the two players with the highest points for now.

It is known that he is a shaman from the past, to be precise he is a shaman from the era of 400 years ago. He could be in this Culling Game because of the will of Kenjaku.

The main purpose of Kashimo is still not known with certainty, but in several chapters it has been shown that Kashimo really wants to find Sukuna.

In the last chapter that aired, chapter 186, we were shown the epic battle between Kashimo and one of the strongest modern Shamans, Kinji Hakari.

In this fight Kashimo is not in a favorable position, even though he has shown great strength against Panda it is completely useless when he fights Hakari.

Kashimo Hajime

At first Kashimo was able to put up a great deal of resistance and even managed to sever Hakari's arm with his unavoidable electric attack.

But everything seemed to turn around when Hakari suddenly performed a reverse cursed technique, his arm was successfully healed, besides that he gave a much stronger counterattack.

The battle continues, with infinite cursed energy, Hakari continuously hits Kashimo with heavy blows, he continues to do so as long as the theme song of his curse technique is heard.

When the theme song stopped, Hakari approached Kashimo who still couldn't stand up properly due to taking too many attacks, then once again Hakari activated his domain expansion.

As is well known, Hakari can do domain expansion repeatedly as long as he continues to get the jackpot, although it sounds impossible to always get the jackpot, but it seems Hakari can do the impossible.

In this state, Kashimo really had to do something if he didn't want to lose, given his vast experience as a shaman, maybe he had some tricks he could use against Hakari.

According to my prediction, there are two possibilities that will occur in chapter 187 later, the first will discuss Kashimo's past 400 years ago, and the second possibility will continue the fight where Kashimo can match Hakari.

It's just a mere prediction, so it's not necessarily true. So let's just wait, what surprises will be given to us in the next chapter.

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