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8 Best Android RTS Strategy Games 2022


RTS Game

RTS games or real-time strategy games are one of the most popular genres, both on PC and Android in 2022. Instead of providing stunning visuals with eye-catching action. 

The RTS game invites us to start the game from scratch, which means you have to build a power/country, collect resources, and organize defense/attacking troops to fight against the combat forces of other countries.

Maintaining balance on all fronts is the key to victory in RTS Games. When you lose, you have to do it again to build up your troops and make them stronger to avenge your previous defeats. 

Most Android RTS games start slowly, but that's the best part. If you are interested in playing it, here are 8 of the best RTS strategy games that you can play on Android in 2022.

1. Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War

Total War is one of the most enduring RTS franchises of all time. Rome: Total War is the third game in the series and was originally released for PC in 2004. 

The Android port of the game is a beautiful example of complex RTS adapted for mobile gaming. Command hundreds of soldiers from your phone with absolute ease, and it never feels clunky to play.

Rome: Total War puts you in control of one of nineteen factions. During your campaign, you will try to conquer Europe, North Africa and the East. 

While massive RTS battles are at the heart of the game, the thoughtful turn-based campaign gives players room to reflect and strategize before their next conquest.

2. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad north

Bad North puts you in control of an island kingdom under siege by Viking invaders. Trying to lead your people to safety. 

You'll jump between a stunning series of procedurally generated islands, battling waves of ax-wielding raiders as you progress through the campaign. Missions are long enough for victory to feel well received but short enough to grab your attention.

Before each mission begins, you will deploy your troops around the island and issue orders. No micromanaging here: each unit is smart enough to interpret your message as you see fit.

Don't be disarmed by the charming aesthetic, and don't panic when giving orders, if you don't want to be covered in blood as the Viking swings his axe.

3. Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes

Like Rome: Total War, Company of Heroes is a classic PC RTS. In many ways, this is the most impressive RTS port on this list, because micromanagement forces while remaining wary of the wider battle. 

It's a challenging task for developers on any platform. Company of Heroes is also not just a direct port, a lot of features were rebuilt for a smoother mobile experience.

Campaign Company of Heroes puts you in the shoes of US soldiers as they advance into Europe during World War II. Along the way, you will interact with various troops and vehicles to complete your objectives. 

Beyond this, it includes a skirmish game mode, where you can choose your faction to pit against in a single battle. Better yet, 2022 will have updated multiplayer, so you can face off against friends and strangers in skirmishes.

4. Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom: 2 crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns is a minimalistic side-scrolling RTS. Very easy to learn gameplay from short tutorials teaches players the importance of building their empire before going to war. 

Rebuilding your empire after defeat is an important part of the gameplay, so you never feel like you've been working hard for nothing.

When you start the game Kingdom: Two Crowns, you will be greeted with royal bones. After assigning minions to do important tasks like hunting and chopping wood, you'll start building defenses. 

Every night comes a wave of weird cute villains called Greed, whose sole purpose is to loot your kingdom for everything of value.

5. Northgard


Northgard is reminiscent of games like Age of Empires. Gameplay centers around managing your resources to grow your settlement and send out waves of troops to capture enemy territory. The focus here is on the careful management of multiple units, rather than large-scale battles.

In the game you can choose whether to play against the AI, or enter online multiplayer to go head-to-head with other players. 

Each faction offers a fundamentally different approach to gameplay, and while Northgard is easy to learn, it can take a while before you can get regular wins. Don't let Northgard's unforgiving nature discourage you, this is one of the most valuable RTS games available for Android.

6. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. offers players a simple goal: exterminate the world's population with a deadly disease. But achieving this goal is a significant challenge. 

Plague Inc. is a complex game that rewards careful planning and maneuvering to achieve victory. Failing a few times in a row is a ritual for newcomers, but when you finally see the last person succumb to your illness, you'll be itching to do it again.

Once you've chosen the type of disease you want to use, you'll spend the game researching fresh new traits for your disease. 

These are categorized into methods of transmission, symptoms, and abilities. Developing and implementing new traits should be done with care. Once your disease is identified, it's a race against time before a cure is developed.

7. Element


Elements were designed from the ground up to be quick to pick up and play. While the gameplay follows the classic RTS formula (gathering resources to build an army and defeat opponents). 

The fights are designed to be completed in a few minutes. But while many games share a common trait, Element's strength lies in its flawless execution.

Elements is not an easy game. While the options available to players are kept to a minimum (there are only four types of buildings/units to build in the game), making use of them properly takes a lot of practice. 

Despite the brief period of "peaceful" setting, the game's turning point is often reached in less than a minute. And if you fail, it only takes a few seconds to start with a new game.

8. rymdkapsel


rymdkapsel is hard to define. It is a game that brings together building, puzzle and tower defense gameplay. rymdkapsel games are elegantly designed, brilliantly executed, and know that you don't need fancy graphics or complicated features for a fantastic RTS. In the end, it's a game that will keep you hooked.

The rymdkapsel game follows a simple premise: build your base, research monoliths, and defend against a killer triangle.

While the focus is on building the base as you see fit, your plans will fall apart without careful resource management and corridor planning. It is ideal for those who want to build their perfect base.

Well, that's a collection of the best good RTS strategy games for your favorite Android in 2022.

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