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Genshin Impact Lore, Uncovering Hilichurl's Dark Life from Quest With Dainsleif



Reveal the Facts of the Masks Hilichurls Always Wear

Hilichurl is one of the monsters whose existence is very much in Genshin Impact, wherever you are you will definitely meet this one monster.

These monsters are often seen in groups, they are also seen to be able to cook and also live in camps that they make themselves.

The majority of these monsters were very weak, but there were several types of them that had great fighting abilities and tended to be brutal.

Since the initial release, I don't think there are players who think too much about this monster, they must think Hilichurl is just an ordinary monster that is fairly weak, but all that has changed since The Chasm update came.

In the update there will be a quest where we will explore the oddities that exist in The Chasm together with Dainsleif, here many facts will be revealed and one of them is about the origin of the Hilichurls.

Dainsleif said that Hilichurl was a citizen of Khaenriah who was cursed, they purposely wore masks so they could not see the reflection of their own faces, because those faces would remind them of a bad memory.


In this mission you will also investigate the Hilihcurls gathered in The Chasm, your investigation will be assisted by Dainsleif's explanation.

Dainsleif said that at the end of his life the Hilihcurls would choose a dark place to be their resting place, so they gathered to The Chasm.

Here you will also meet the Black Serpent Knights who were Dainsleif's men in the past. Before they were cursed they had one task which was to protect the citizens of Khaenriah. 

Under the torment of the curse, the Black Serpent Knights continued to carry out their duties of protecting the citizens of Khaenriah for 500 years.

Here you will also meet the Abyss Order and the MC's sister, they intend to remove the curse by force.

Dainsleif who had understood the curse for 500 years was against the plan, he knew very well that the curse would not go away, if it was forcibly removed the curse would be even more torturous.

From here, of course, you already know that both parties, namely Dainsleif and the Traveler and Abyss order, have the same goal, namely to free the people of Khaenriah.

Honestly, as one of the Genshin Impact players, I really like the storyline, so let's wait together for the continuation of this story.

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