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Genshin Impact Lore, Main Star in The Chasm, Stubborn and Courageous Zhiqiong



Why Zhiqiong Left the Exploration Group?

The Chasm, this newly released area has several interesting things in it, one of which is the existence of an NPC by the name of Zhiqiong.

Zhiqiong is an NPC who will guide you to explore the Chasm for the first time, you will continue to be accompanied by him until all maps of the Chasm are unlocked.

Zhiqiong is an adventurous girl from the adventurer's guild, as an adventurer she specializes in mapping, she can accurately map areas that have just been explored.

This ability has a very big role in exploring the Chasm, without Zhiqiong everyone will not be able to explore the Chasm.

Behind his great ability she has an extraordinary stubbornness, because that is also often the members of the explorer group so worried about her.

Her stubborn nature arises because of a strong will from within her for something, but unfortunately the people around her are not aware of it.

This continued to happen until at some point she decided to leave the exploration group and continue her adventure down the chasm alone.

When she suddenly disappears, Jinwu the leader of the explorer group will ask you for help to find Zhiqiong who has not been seen for a long time.

To continue this mission, you can go directly to Skyfrost Nail in The Chasm, nearby you can find a small tent belonging to Zhiqiong.

Zhiqiong Camp

At the camp you will find a letter written by Zhiqiong, the letter apologizing to the members of the explorer team and the reason for going alone.

From the letter it was clear that Zhiqiong had great respect for all members of the explorer group including the traveler, she saw you as a very good senior.

She revealed in the letter that as a mortal human who was not chosen by the gods (not the holder of the vision) she wanted to be remembered by many people.

I think he did this so that all people who don't have the vision to not give up, they can still be great without the need for a vision, and to make this happen Zhiqiong will prove it.

I have two assumptions about Zhiqiong's future condition, firstly she will join the abyss order because of her thoughts about the gods, then secondly she will die and leave behind an extraordinary map that people will always remember.

There is still a possibility that we will meet Zhiqiong again in the future, we will just have to wait and see how the story of Genshin Impact continues.

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