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Genshin Impact Guide, Spice from the West Latest Event Review


Spice from the west

Mixing Seasonings and Get the Primogem

After yesterday there was Liben who accompanied you and gave you many gifts, now there is an NPC named Nazafarin who will accompany you.

In this event you will meet an NPC named Nazafarin, she is a person from Sumeru. She is a friend of Parvaneh who is a member of the group The Gourmet Supremos.

She had come a long way to get to Liyue, She came to Liyue with the aim of helping Parvaneh in finding a magic spice that could make any food delicious.

She planned to make some spices from a mixture of existing ingredients using a special cauldron that he had brought.

After making the seasoning she plans to share it with many people so she can get a response, now she will collect various kinds of responses about her homemade spices into structured data which he will later give to Parvaneh.

But because she was new to Liyue, she didn't have any acquaintances to try this lady, so she asked a traveler for help.

To start this event, you can go directly to the port in Liyue and meet Nazafarin there, after that you will be guided by her.


This event is very simple, you only need to collect some ingredients and mix them, the ingredients are very easy to find.

Spice from the west

After collecting the ingredients you can mix it directly. When concocting you have to be really focused, put all the ingredients in order and try not to get it wrong repeatedly.

Spice from the west

 After you finish mixing it, you can immediately add it to some of the dishes you've already made.

 After you finish mixing it into your cooking, you can immediately visit your serenetia pot. There you can ask some of the characters that you install to taste the cuisine.

Each character will give a different reaction, besides that by giving the dish the friendship points of the character will also increase.

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