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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249: Release Date and Spoiler

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249: Release Date and Spoiler

We'll beat you in 5 minutes!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 Preview Summary

The real battle begins!

In the previous chapters, there were several clues indicating that Hakkai and Mitsuya would lose the battle against the Haitani duo.

However, this prediction turned out to be wrong.

At the beginning of chapter 248, it was shown that Hakkai and Mitsuya were framed by the Haitani brothers.

Hakkai and Mitsuya chased the Haitani brothers to a location where they were surrounded by Haitani's men.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249: Release Date and Spoiler

Hakkai is injured by the Haitani brothers' blows and Mitsuya is left alone to face the siege of Haitani's men.

Ran and Rindou were surprised to see Mitsuya's power.

They didn't expect that Mitsuya was able to beat their men.

Their shock was doubled when Hakkai whom they thought had fainted, suddenly rose and look refreshed.

By looking at this duo, Ran and Rindou felt that this 2nd generation was different from before and could not be underestimated.

Their trap has failed and now it's time to fight the final boss!

Hakkai-Mitsuya vs Haitani brothers!

Who will be the winner??

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Manga Spoiler

Death battle!

The pairing for the final battle has been determined, and the results are beyond the predictions of fans.

At the beginning of the final arc, it was shown that Senju would face off against his former members, Wakasa and Benkei.

However, Senju's opponent in this final arc is his own brother, Haruchiyo Sanzu!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249: Release Date and Spoiler

Haruchiyo seems to have a grudge against Senju because his relationship with Mikey was ruined by her.

The battle between these two siblings was predicted to be very harsh and intense.

Their match might happen after the battle between Hakkai-Mitsuya and Haitani brothers.

Besides the Akashi siblings, another unexpected battle partner is Inupi vs Wakasa.

In the previous chapter, fans had hoped that Inupi would face Kokonoe, his best friend.

But Kokonoe did not want to face Inupi, and when Inupi tried to get near him, Wakasa come to the rescue.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249: Release Date and Spoiler

The battle between Wakasa and Inupi is actually quite interesting.

As we know, Inupi never shows his true power during these past few battles but maybe we could see Inupi's true power in this battle.

The highlight of chapter 249 will be the battle between Haitani brothers vs Mitsuya and Hakkai.

Hakkai and Mitsuya's power has matured since the last battle and we could not look down on Haitani's brother power and Haitani brothers might have a hard time overpowering this combo.

What do you guys think? 

Will Hakkai and Mitsuya win or Haitani brothers?

Stay tuned in Animenyus!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249: Release Date and Spoiler

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers newest chapter will release on Wednesday, April 13th on 01.00 AM JST.

The newest Japanese online raw will be released at Weekly Shounen Jump Website.

The english translation for the newest chapter will also release in the same day but will be delayed a few hours.

For those who wanted to read the spoiler in bahasa Indonesia, please click this link below.

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